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Restoring Original Filenames for NOAO Archive Data
Data files from NOAO telescopes and instruments are assigned unique filenames when they are stored in the NOAO Science Archive. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is that filenames assigned by users at the telescope may not be unique. However, the new archive filenames may not be very informative, and an astronomer retrieving his or her own raw data from the archive may find it useful to rename the data files to the names they had at the telescope. The original filenames are recorded in the FITS image headers in the keyword DTACQNAM.

In the NOAO Archive contributed software repository there are scripts that can be used to rename your raw data files to restore the names that they had at the telescope. This orig_name script is provided in two versions: an IRAF cl script, and a Perl script that can be run from the command line (i.e., without invoking IRAF). The Perl script makes use of WCSTOOLS. You can also find short README instruction files at the same location.